Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A perfect example of why we're doing this

Ok everyone. You want to know why we have put so much time and effort into building this community. Here is a perfect example.

The Story
I met a woman on yahoo and invited her to join our site. She claimed to hate fakes just as much as we do and wanted to be a part of our community. She explained how much she loved black men and how she has 2 studs she sees on a regular basis in Atlanta. I then explained to her how to get verified. She later told me that she had her lover take a pic of her last night before her camera broke. (That's when my alarm went off..I mean seriously..who has heard of a camera breaking after taking a pic? If the camera broke how would she be able to get the pic off the camera that she took. And if she had followed our instructions, the first pic would have been of her bare back. The second pic would have had the writing.) Anyway...here is the pic she sent us. Now mind you, she claims this pic was taken last night.

Now, here is a pic that my lover (and creator of our site) had on his hard drive for over a year.

Now how many people's time do you think this person has wasted? You see people..that is what this is all about. It's about your time. We verify everyone to save you time. To keep you from spending hours each month chatting and trying to get to know people who are just out to waste your precious and valuable time.

Now ask yourself this question...ALL OF YOU. If you use any chat service, yahoo, AIM, MSN, whatever, how many of the people on your friend list do you KNOW are real? How much time would you say you spend chatting with them on a weekly basis. Even if you spend just  30 minutes a day (on average) that's 3.5 hours a week...15 hours a month. That's 15 hours each month that you will NEVER get back. 15 hours of your valuable time that was just pissed away. I advise everyone to do this..if anyone on your friend list claims to be in the BBC lifestyle, invite them to this site..especially the women and couples since it is free for them to join. If they don't it should give you reason to pause. Why would someone claiming to be real not join a community that is all about the lifestyle they claim to love when it won't cost them a dime? When all they have to do is prove that they are real. Just a lil food for thought. I don't know about any of you..but I do not enjoy having my time wasted and I assure you..my friend list is getting shorter by the day.


  1. I agree, this is a huge problem, I make all My sissy'z prove with pics that they are who they say and that they will Obey Me.

    Once done, I start to really push them.

    If they can't comply they are let go.

    I will not accept "camera broke" or any other excuses and No one ever should.

    Miss KC

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