Saturday, June 18, 2011

We're starting a BBC revolution

Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting my lil place. First let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Samantha. I'm a 45 y.o bisexual white female who is totally addicted to BBC. My addiction started about 3 years ago when I went to a local swinger party with my then bf at the time. While we were there we were approached by 2 black men who struck up a conversation with us. Well I had a little buzz going on and before I knew it those 2 men were having their way with me. It lasted for what seemed like hours and I loved every second of it. Since then I have been consumed with thoughts of black men. I've spent the last 3 years trying to make up for all the time I missed. About a year ago I met a Dominant black man who has changed y life. I had often seen other women on various sites who talked about being black owned and I always wondered what that must've felt like. I don't have to wonder anymore. He is now my Daddy and owns me mind, body and soul. I am completely his. I love the fact that he enjoys sharing me with other black men. I look forward to what each day brings with this wonderful man.

He and I have recently started our own BBC lifestyle online community that we hope will totally change the way social networks are run. We had grown so tired of dealing with all the fakes and posers that populated other sites...especially interracial sites. If it wasn't some guy pretending to be a woman, it was a single guy pretending to be a couple..or even worse..a white guy pretending to be black. We knew there were good, real people out there but you had to go through so much BS just to find them. So rather than complain about it, we decided to do something. Everyone who joins our community has to verify themselves to show they are genuine. We make it very easy to get verified as long as you have access to a digital camera, camera phone or webcam. Let's face it, who among us in this day and age doesn't have access to at least one of these.

We want this community to be for all of you who have any type of interest in the BBC lifestyle including

  • Females who enjoy or prefer sex with black men
  • Females who are curious about sex with black men
  • Females who would like to get other females (family and/or friends) in bed with black men
  • Black males interested in women of different races
  • White males who would like to get their wives, girlfriends, female friends, or members of their family into bed with black men
  • And anyone else who enjoys black in white (or any other non black) interracial relations
If any of the above desrcibes you or your situation we invite you to join us. We are a full featured adult community where you can upload your own pics, videos, start your own groups, polls, tell others about upcoming events in your area and much, much more.

Come Join Us

We welcome all of our fellow BBC bloggers to come join us and spread the word. Once you are members we will encourage you to promote your blogs there.